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PRUaccess Guidelines

About PRUaccess

PRUaccess is a website portal especially designed for the Policy Holders, which contains information on Policy data any time required. The Policy Holders may access about PRUaccess by internet 24 hours a day and seven days a week. With PRUaccess, the Policy Holders may monitor the status and benefits of Policy in a thorough manner. Besides, through this website, the facility of PRUaccess can also be accessed by smart phone or the so-called About PRUaccess mobile.

Through PRUaccess services, the Policy Holders can find out the following information:

Information Policy Information on Proposal*
Unit balance, Unit Value and Type of Investment Fund Status of Proposal
Amount and Maturity of Premium Amount and Maturity of Premium
Status of Policy ? Active or Inactive Information on Basic Insurance and Rider
Top-up Transaction Type of Investment Fund
Transaction of Fund Withdrawal Information on the Main Insured and Additional Insured
Electronic Policy (e-Policy)  

* Information on the progress of a new policy, if any.

In addition to Information on Policy above, the Policy Holders can also access letters sent by PT Prudential Life Assurance through My Letter and Statement facility. The letters available in the said facility include the following:

  1. Statement of Transactions
  2. Failed Debit/Dishonor debit Card, upon occurrence of failed debit on the part of a customer who uses Autodebit premium payment method.

1.How to Register

  • Through website The Policy Holders who have not registered with  PRUaccess may do so by visiting our website https://pruaccess.prudential.co.id/
    Following are the steps to register with PRUaccess through website:

    Registration with PRUaccess through website can be conducted by the Policy Holders who have registered their email addresses with Prudential. Unless such email addresses have been registered, the Policy Holders can do so by registering with PRUaccess using a form.

    • Visit our website https://pruaccess.prudential.co.id/
    • Choose "Request for PRUaccess"
    • Choose "Register through Online Form"
    • Fill in the column based on the data of the Policy Holders
    • Choose "No" untuk User ID
    • Then Choose "Proceed"
  • Use PRUaccess Registration Form

    The Policy Holders can register themselves by completing and signing the PRUaccess registration form. .

    Following are the steps to get registration form of PRUaccess :

    The completed and signed PRUaccess registration form shall be returned to us by :
    • Visit our website www.prudential.co.id/pruaccess
    • Choose "Request for PRUaccess"
    • Choose "Form Registrasi"
    • Choose "Print File"
    • Mail :
      PT Prudential Life Assurance
      Prudential Tower Lt. 6
      Customer Care - PRUaccess unit
      Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 79
      Jakarta 12910
    • Email: pruaccess@prudential.co.id (file format of PDF or JPG following a scanning result )
    • Fax: (62 21) 29958866

2.Username & Password for PRUaccess

If the registration of PRUaccess  has been declared successful, the Policy Holders will get Username & Password to be used when he/she does the login into PRUaccess service. The Username will be sent to policy holder email address together with Link to make activation and create Password.

  • Username consists of combination of letters and numbers.
  • Password for PRUaccess consists of combination of letters and numbers.

Unless you have had Username & Password, please first register yourself by completing the  PRUaccess registration form or through website.

3. Problem Login
  • Forgot Password

    If the Policy Holders find it difficult to remember the Password of PRUaccess, use menu "Forgot Password" to create new password. Following are the steps to do so:

    1. Click "Forgot Password", enter Username and answers to 2 questions contained (answers are suitable to those used when registering PRUaccess).
    2. Click "Submit",make a new password as you wish (the password shall consist of 8-15 characters, combination of letters and numbers).
    3. Confirmation of Password, (reenter the new Password), Click "Submit".
    4. Information stating that the new Password is valid will appear, Click "Submit" again.
    5. Then, menu of login will appear along with the new password.
  • Forgot Username

    If the Policy Holders find it difficult to remember the Password of PRUaccess, mend an email to pruaccess@prudential.co.id. Information on username will be notified through email address already registered in the data on Policy.

  • Inactive User

    Inactive User occurs due to a mistake when entering username or password or answers to the menu "Forgot Password" three times. User ID will automatically be active after 1 x 24 hours as from the last login

  • No choice will appear after login

    Menu on PRUaccess screen uses Javascript. If the menu does not appear after successful login, check "tools" in the application of Internet Explorer by following the steps hereunder:

    1. Choose "tools"
    2. Choose "Internet Option"
    3. Choose "advance"
    4. Check List on option javascript
4. Internet Browser Support
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera

5. Guideline to Electronic Policy (e-Policy)

  • About Electronic Policy (e-Policy)

    Electronic Policy (e-Policy) is a an agreement in electronic form which includes the Policy Summary, approved Life Insurance Application Form (SPAJ), relevant tables, calculation formulas, the General Policy Provisions, Special Provisions, and other provisions (if any) and additions or amendments that contains the Terms and Conditions of the life insurance agreement between Prudential Indonesia and You. Electronic policy is available for the holders of PRUlink assurance account and PRUlink syariah assurance account and can be accessed through PRUaccess.

  • How to Use Use the Electronic Policy (e-Policy)


    1. Log in to PRUaccess using your username and password.
    2. Select "My Data", and "Policy Info".
    3. Click your In-Force Policy number
    4. Click "Agree" when a pop-up window titled "Electronic Policy Receipt" appears ( the pop-up window will only appear on the first time a customer access the Electronic Policy Number as a receipt from Prudential Indonesia)
    5. Select the "Electronic Policy" tab to see your policy contract.
    6. Select the document that you want to see
    7. Following is the password guideline to open your document: Your Electronic Policy password is xxxxddMmm, (example: 123401Aug), wherein:
      • xxxx :Four last digits of your policy number, Example: 1234
      • dd : Two digits of your date of birth, Example: 01
      • Mmm : Three character Month abbreviation in English, for example: Aug


    If you find difficulties in accessing the electronic policy, please contact your sales force or Prudential Customer Line at 1500085.


PRUaccess Mobile

  1. About PRUaccess Mobile
    PRUaccess mobile is the mini version or mobile version of PRUaccess website. This facility is designed to optimize the Policy Holders in doing browsing using smart phone and contains the features frequently accessed from PRUaccess, for example, Policy information, proposal information and the value of policy owned.
  2. PRUaccess Mobile Menu
    • Proposal Information:
      • Status of Proposal
      • Ammount of Premium
      • Information on Basic Insurance and Rider
      • Types of Fund and Investment
      • Information on Main Insured and Additional Insure
    • Policy Information:
      • Unit balance, Unit Value and Type of Investment Fund
      • Amount and Maturity of Premium
      • Status of Policy ? Active or Inactive
      • Top-Up Transaction or Fund Withdrawal
      • Status of Claim Submitted
    • e-Transaction:
      • Top-up
      • Switching & Redirection
      • Continue Premium Payment
      • My Supporting Document
      • Transaction History

    3.How to Download Aplication

    1. Visit PRUaccess through cell phone: http://www.prudential.co.id/pruaccess.
    2. Then choose one of installer icons on the main menu suitable to the cell phone.
    3. Follow the installation instructions available.
    4. Currently PRUaccess mobile icon can only be used for smart phone by using such operating systems as iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

    4.PRUaccess mobile Platforms

    • Apple iOS 3,2-7,0
    • Android 2,1-2.3
    • Android Honeycomb
    • Android 4.0
    • Windows Phone 7
    • Blackberry 5,0
    • Blackberry 6,0
    • Blackberry 7
    • Blackberry Playbook (QNX/BBX)
    • Opera Mobile 11,0
    If you encounter an image distortion when using PRUaccess mobile, it may be because PRUaccess mobile is not supported by Operating System (OS) and/or browser of your cell phone.